Can you tell me more about your business?

Mountain High Select produces handmade broad spectrum hemp oil infused suckers.
  • Our products are great for BEGINNERS – our suckers are low-dose and come a variety of flavors!
  • Our infusion process allows for DUAL ABSORPTION, which means it is absorbed both through your mouth (sublingual) and in your liver (gastrointestinal) for a more complete effect

Where can I buy Mountain High Select?

Mountain High Select products are available in select stores across the country (where allowed). Now you can buy ONLINE RIGHT HERE! (with restrictions for locations that prohibit CBD)

What kind of edibles do you specialize in?

We create hand crafted, broad spectrum hemp infused suckers & lollipops.

Do you Ship to / Can I buy your product in X state?

Mountain High Select are broad spectrum hemp infused edibles are available in any state without specific restrictions for CBD.

What does sub-lingual absorption mean?

Sub-lingual absorption means you’ll receive the effects of our product through the glands in your tongue. Because you’re absorbing cannabinoids straight through your mouth into your bloodstream, this helps speed up the effects.

What does gastrointestinal absorption mean ?

Gastrointestinal absorption means that you are receiving the effects of our product through your stomach through digestion. This method is the most common way to take cannabis edibles and results in a slow to react, but long lasting effect.
Still have questions? Contact Mountain High Select today and our team will do our best to respond as quickly as possible.

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