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Our Broad Spectrum Hemp (CBD) Infused Suckers

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Our Broad Spectrum Hemp Products

Mountain High Select has endured while so many edibles manufacturers have shuttered
for one reason: our company keeps it simple.

At Mountain High Select, our goal is to produce high quality broad spectrum hemp (CBD) infused suckers / lollipops. We test every batch to ensure accurate dosage.
Our product is unique in that it offers a variety of cannabinoids in addition to CBD.

Latest News

Mountain High Select Ranked Among Best CBD Lollipops

It’s no secret that Mountain High Select Suckers are the best CBD lollipops on the market. Our broad-spectrum hemp-infused CBD lollipops come in a variety of flavors and produce a moderate effect perfect for beginners or experienced edible …

Europe’s Highest Court Rules That CBD is Not a Narcotic

The EU’s highest court has ruled that CBD is not a narcotic because “it does not appear to have any psychotropic effect or any harmful effect on human health.”

The ruling comes as the result of a lawsuit in France against …

Mountain High Suckers talks with

John Garrison, Mountain High Suckers’ co-founder and CEO, sat down with Genifer Murray of to talk about Mountain High Suckers’ history in cannabis and the secret to their success and longevity in the industry. Here are some highlights:
Forming …

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